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CTI is founding member of the EUR-ACE program and of the ENAEE association

The EUR ACE project (September 2004/March 2006) has formulated and proposed a European system of accreditation of engineering programmes at the First and Second Cycle level (but allowing also accreditation of “Integrated Programmes”, i.e. programmes leading directly to a SC degree).
To this aim, a set of Framework Standards to be respected by all participating agencies has been formulated and published.

To operate the system, an International non-profit Association (
ENAEE: European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education) has been established. It promoted the EUR-ACE Implementation project, that aims at making these proposals operational by setting up the necessary organization, planning and supervising the award of the first EUR-ACE labels, favouring the spread of the system to other countries, establishing a fee policy that can rapidly make the system self-supporting.

On November 2008, after an external review of its standards and procedures, the CTI has been authorized until 31 December 2013
to award the EUR-ACE ® Label to accredited Second-Cycle engineering programmes.

EUR-ACE label for CTI