The recognition of the French engineering degree in the USA

The CTI is regularly contacted regarding the recognition of French engineering degrees in the USA.

As far as the recognition of degrees is concerned, as a general rule there is no equivalence as such between French and foreign degrees. However, the European ENIC-NARIC centres which exist in most countries issue certificates of comparability between courses. The certificate of comparability is a document for which the ENIC-NARIC centre is solely responsible. This document has no legal value and is not compulsory, but may prove useful. The final decision as to whether grant admission for further study or offer employment rests with the training institution or the company. For more information, visit the French ENIC-NARIC centre’s website.

For further study in the USA, it should be noted that the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) recognises the French engineering degree at master’s level. The CTI signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the AACRAO in 2014. This recognition regards however only members of this association, which is not the only one in the country; admission for further study at an American university cannot therefore be guaranteed.

As far as professional recognition is concerned, in most countries, authorisation to use the title of engineer is reserved for those registered with a professional body. In general, this is done after obtaining a degree at least equivalent to a bachelor’s degree, followed by several years of professional practice and a test specific to each association.
In the USA, there are many different professional bodies, depending on the area of expertise or state. The conditions for admission are specific and can vary greatly from one state to another. You should contact the professional association concerned with your field of activity in your state of residence to obtain information tailored to each case.

To make it easier for you to pursue your studies in the USA or register with an American professional association, it may be useful to use the European EUR-ACE® master’s level label awarded to French engineering degrees through the CTI. If your course is concerned, you can indicate the link to the site that attests to the award of the master’s level label, “second cycle degree”