The CeQuint certificate

The “Certificate for Quality in Internationalisation” (CeQuInt) is a label from the European Consortium for Accreditation (ECA), an association of recognised accreditation and quality assurance agencies in Europe.

The aim of the Certificate for Quality in Internationalisation (CeQuInt) is to assess, enhance and reward internationalisation.
This Certificate confirms that a programme or an institution has successfully incorporated an international and intercultural dimension into the purpose, function and delivery of its education.

The CTI is a quality assurance agency carrying out CeQuInt procedures
in France and abroad – only for those programmes that have already been or will be evaluated by the CTI.
The assessment procedure can be added to the regular assessment procedure or can be organised at any time as a standalone procedure, upon request and upon availability of CTI members, experts and staff.

The CeQuInt methodology can be used to assess the quality of internationalisation at programme- or at institutional level.

The CeQuInt label is awarded for 5 years.

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