Cooperation agreements and latest relevant publications

France Compétences, Hcéres, CTI and the Qualiopi label

The law for the freedom to choose one’s professional future no. 2018-771 of 5th September 2018, which has been in force since 1 January 2019, includes the requirement for a quality certification of organizations wishing to benefit from public or mutualised vocational training funds.
The certification is obtained via the Qualiopi label.
Work between France Compétences, the CTI and the Hcéres, together with the ministries in charge of labour and of higher education, which began in 2020, led to the announcement (at the annual tripartite conference on 7th December 2022) that higher education institutions assessed by the CTI and the Hcéres will be able to use the Qualiopi label from 2023 on in the same way as other organizations on the official list of providers meeting the quality criteria for professional training, published by decree.
A memo from the CTI announced the good news to engineering schools at its January 2023 conference. The joint press release of the 2022 conference may be read here.

INRS/CDEFI/CTI partnership

The CTI has signed a tripartite partnership agreement with the association of deans of engineering schools CDEFI and the national institute for health and safety at work (INRS).
Download the latest cooperation agreement & read the 2022 press release.

As part of this partnership, the CTI is publishing the INRS reference framework, the aim of which is to contribute to the development of occupational health and safety skills in engineering curricula, December 2022 version: Bases essentielles en santé et sécurité au travail » (BESST) – Ecoles d’ingénieurs and the data sheet of INRS.

In 2021, the three partners INRS, CDEFI and CTI published an overview of occupational health and safety teaching in engineering schools Overview of health and safety at work teaching in engineering schools.

CDEFI working group on internationalization at home and remotely

The CTI participated in a working group by the association of deans of engineering schools CDEFI on the internationalization of engineering schools and programmes by other means than mobility. The outcomes were published in May 2021 in a guide.

BNEI-CDEFI-CTI working group on valuing student commitment

A working group between the CTI, the association of deans of engineering schools CDEFI and the association of engineering students BNEI dealt with the recognition and valuing of the student commitment in extra-curricular activities and comunity life. The outcomes are published in a joint Guide of the valuing of student commitment.