Piloting of the internal quality assurance

In automn 2014, CTI reorganized its existing working groups that dealt with the improvement of its standards, guidelines and processes. Some working groups were redefined; others were completed by subject related commissions or steering groups. The participants to these committees are CTI members, experts, permanent staff and external advisors. According to the subjects, external stakeholders are invited to specific meetings. These committees meet at least quarterly, some on a monthly basis. Their objective is to exchange on core subjects and/or current issues and to submit strategic orientations to CTI’s board.

Nowadays CTI’s internal quality assurance is initiated and followed-up under the guidance of the Quality and Communication Steering Committee. The main objective of this steering group is the continuous improvement of CTI and its internal and external quality systems. It works on the development and implementation of tools and studies (surveys, information system, reports, communication, …) and analyses procedures, past accreditation campaigns, results of surveys, …

CTI also set up an Audit Steering Committee. Its main tasks are to follow-up and analyse the evaluation procedures and define measures for continuous improvement of the evaluation process. It works closely together with the Quality and Communication Steering Committee.

Other steering committees are:
International Steering Committee;
Commission in charge of the up-dating of CTI’s standards and guidelines (R&O);
Financial Commission;
CTI- Hcéres steering group;
Strategic orientation committee.

The steering committees may set up sub-groups to deal with specific issues such as consistency of decisions; publication of the minutes of the site visit; simplified procedures; joint procedures with Hcéres.

All proposed evolutions, strategic orientations, outcomes of the working sessions of these steering groups are submitted to the CTI board and – in the case of new rules or procedures – voted at the plenary assembly by all members.