The EAFSG are available online and can be downloaded in PDF on the ENAEE website given below.

They are defined as follows :

 (a) Standards and guidelines for accreditation of engineering programmes

(b) Standards and guidelines for accreditation agencies

A summary presentation of the EAFSG can also be downloaded on the ENAEE website.

In June 2014, the ENAEE board initiated the revision of the EUR-ACE reference documents. A working group was set up, in which the CTI participated.  The November board and general meetings ended in the adoption of an intermediate version, subject to the setting up of a second working group which would rework the sections dealing with the workload of students and the competencies expected by the institutions. This working group presented its conclusions at the March 2015 board meeting. These conclusions and recommendations were taken into account in a new approved version of the documents.

EAFSG French translation 2015

EAFSG Official Version in English 2015