The different surveys conducted by CTI are the cornerstone of its internal quality assurance process.

They are coordinated and monitored by the Quality and Communication Advisory Board () and allow the regular implementation of actions and tools, thanks to feedback and suggestions from the various respondent stakeholders.

These surveys, along with the other tools of CTI’s quality assurance process (internal and external), allow to receive regular feedback from its global community. The proposals from its wider environment help CTI to feed its permanent and necessary self-evaluation.

The continuous improvement of the quality of engineering programmes concerns CTI and all its stakeholders, which is why these surveys are essential to our work.

Annual survey towards engineering Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)

Every year, at the end of the accreditation campaign, a survey is sent to all French engineering HEIs that were concerned by an audit procedure, periodic or not, during the past year. This survey, like all those conducted by CTI as part of its internal quality assurance process, is presented and analyzed by the various advisory boards involved as well as by the plenary commission. The outcomes and resulting actions are presented during CTI’s annual symposium in February.

As of the start of the academic year 2018, the procedure evolves as follows:

After the Presidency sent the accreditation decision to the HEIs, a second message with a link towards the annual survey will be sent to the HEI by the « Audits » advisory board.

The HEI’s answers will then be sent to all members of the experts panel by the « Audits » advisory board.

Presidency and the various advisory boards involved will analyze the individual answers for follow-up and actions when relevant. The global analysis and the annual restitution during the symposium will continue.

Foreign HEIs that have been involved in an audit procedure (State Admission or EUR-ACE label alone) are also consulted at the end of the process. The collected data are analyzed on a case by case basis and are not included in the annual restitution.

Certified data

Since 2012, CTI asks French engineering HEIs to fill in once a year indicators about their engineering programmes. These “data” are “certified” by the HEI’s Dean and therefore incur his/her responsibility.

The certified data are useful on the one hand for monitoring the programmes of each institution during the audit procedures and on the other hand for analyzing the evolution of all the engineering programmes.

The certified data are part of the documents required by CTI and are published on its website and the website of the HEI.

Stakeholders with different missions and statuses may request CTI to access these data for different purposes. This requires authorization from the Board of the Commission. The use of these data responds to a charter, available here (in French) :

Depuis 2012, la CTI demande aux écoles françaises d’ingénieurs de renseigner une fois par an des

Annual survey towards experts

As part of its continuous improvement process, CTI conducts an annual survey to gather the opinions of its active and outgoing experts.

This survey is sent to the three categories of experts working with CTI, namely: experts practicing in France, international experts and engineering student experts.

Once analyzed by the various bodies involved, this feedback allows CTI to propose evolutions for its accreditation process and its internal and external quality assurance procedures.

Bi-annual survey towards Plenary Commission members

In the same spirit as for the survey towards experts, but with a longer time frame matching the partial renewal of the Commission members, CTI conducts a survey every two years to gather the opinion of its active and departing members .

Satisfaction surveys following events and trainings organized by CTI

After each event organized by CTI (Symposium, international seminar, event co-organized with stakeholders, …) and each training session (for its members and / or experts), a satisfaction survey is sent to all participants. These surveys cover both the logistical aspects and the topics discussed during these events and are very useful for the organization of the forthcoming meetings and sessions.

Ad hoc surveys and investigations

Finally, if CTI finds it useful or necessary to its activities, it can organize surveys or consultations on a topic or towards a particular public (engineering HEIs of specialization, consultation of the stakeholders for the website renewal, report following an accreditation campaign abroad, …). These surveys are not recurrent and are part of the management of a particular project.