CTI’s criteria and procedures

Bachelor’s degree awarded by accredited engineering HEIs

Conferral of the academic grade “Licence”

Following a 2020 decree, arrêté du 27 janvier 2020 relatif au cahier des charges des grades universitaires, institutional Bachelor’s diplomas awarded by French engineering HEIs that have already been accredited through a CTI procedure and request the conferral of the academic grade of “Licence” for their short cycle Bachelor’s diplomas, are also evaluated by CTI.

The 2022 Bachelor Criteria and guidelines are available in French here.

The 2022 Bachelor Procedure is available in French here.

The 2022 Guidelines for the Bachelor Self-Assessment Report are available in French here.

The list of authorized diploma titles in French and in English is available here.

For new projects, HEIs have to submit an application for an “ex-ante review” (Lettre d’intention) two years prior to the evaluation procedure. A simplified form is to be completed and is available in French here.

The Bachelor’s diplomas that have been awarded the academic grade of “Licence” may communicate with the relevant label by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, subject to their commitment to honour the relevant rules.