CTI promotes the academic and professional recognition of the French engineering degree. Since the engineering profession is not regulated in France and there is no institution of chartered engineers, the CTI is the natural point of contact for foreign engineering bodies

The CTI is a member of various European and international networks and associations, and in this capacity has signed co-operation and mutual recognition agreements with institution of chartered engineers in Canada, in order to promote and ease engineers professional mobility between the two countries.

  • Agreement between CTI and the Canadian council of professionnal engineers (which became in 2007 Engineers Canada ou Ingénieurs Canada). Initiated in 1999, the agreement was signed on June, the 3rd of 2006.
  • Specific bilateral agreement between CTI and professional boards in Quebec for the mutual recognition of professional skilss :
    « Arrangements en vue de la reconnaissance mutuelle des qualifications professionnelles » (ARM) avec l’Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec, l’Ordre des agronomes, l’Ordre des chimistes et l’Ordre des ingénieurs forestiers.