The CTI’s expert panels are composed of at least one CTI member who acts as panel chair. He is assisted by a co-chair who is in most cases another CTI member but can also be an expert. The panel chair and co-chair must be complementary and represent academia and industry.
The expert teams are completed by national and international experts and student experts.

The CTI’s by-laws define the three categories of experts and their role in the evaluation process.


Several types of experts can be involved in the evaluation processes:


The choice of experts should enable the CTI to cover all the scientific and technical skills needed to carry out an evaluation process of engineering schools and programmes but also allow the CTI to provide expertise in more transversal areas, in particular in the field of pedagogy, innovation, quality or human and social sciences.

The CTI expert list for the period 2021-2023 is available here. 

The CTI is recruiting new francophone experts

The CTI is opening a call for international experts and student experts.
The selected experts will take part in evaluation processes (mostly in France and some abroad) that lead to the accreditation of the institutions to award the engineering degree “titre d’ingénieur diplômé” or the academic grade of “Licence” to institutional Bachelor’s degrees. This means that the experts participate in the  preparatory phase, the site visit and the writing of the evaluation report. French speaking and writing skills are mandatory since most evaluation processes take place in French speaking countries and only a few are carried out in English.

Conditions for student experts:

  • Student experts should be registered in a HEI, at least at Master’s or Doctoral level.
  • Their discipline of study has to be in the field of Science and Engineering.
  • French speaking and writing skills are mandatory.

Conditions for international experts:

  • Be academics or professionals in the field of Science and Engineering
  • Work actively in a HEI or in a company in the field of engineering or have retired recently.
  • Be based in a country outside of France.
  • French speaking and writing skills are mandatory.

Candidates are requested to send their CV, and a covering letter explaining their interest in participating in our evaluation processes to

For further information or questions, please contact Solange Pisarz, CTI Executive director