CTI’s criteria and procedures

Engineering master’s degree (diplôme d’ingénieur) 

The Commission des titres d’ingénieur (CTI) provides HEIs with references and guidelines titled “R&O” (références et orientations) which cover : main accreditation criteria, self-assessment guide, and accreditation processes.

CTI provides Francophone HEIs with its R&O and also with translation from international references and label procedures. For the latest, consult CTI’s international accreditation references and guidelines and navigate the menu bar to access English versions.

CTI revises its R&O on a regular basis in order to address the developing needs and changes in society and the labour market, and adapt the profile of the engineer of the 21st century to be promoted by CTI.

The latest update (May 2020) is related to the online accreditation process (Livre 3, Annexe “Audits en distanciel”). The current version R&O 2020 is subdivided in 4 booklets (“Livre”) :

Livre 1 : major accreditation criteria (click here: ici)

Livre 2 : self-assessment guide for HEIs (click here: ici for the WORD format that can be used as a model.)

Livre 3 : accreditation procedures (click here: ici)
Annex to Livre 3 : virtual site visits (click here: ici)
and Deontology Charter for HEIs for the virtual site visits (click here: ici)

Livre 4 : thematic analysis (click here: ici)

Guidelines for the joint self-assessment report for CTI & Hcéres, 2019-2020 (click here: ici)

FOCUS campaign 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 on digitalization (click here: ici)

For any new project, French HEIs are invited to follow the specific procedure “Lettres d’intention
(cf. R&O Livre 3) and submit the application following the model available here (ici).
Foreign institutions may contact CTI at any time via email :