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Learning Outcomes in Quality Assurance and Accreditation. Principles, recommendations and practice


Final document about the Learning Outcomes redacted by ECA’s working group 4. Cti contributed to this document through Marie-Jo Geodert, international expert.

Accreditation organisations reaffirm that Higher Education Institutions (HEI) are responsible for the quality assurance of their study programmes. This means that the main accountability for setting and defining Learning Outcomes (LO) lies in the hand of the HEI. In order to support HEI in this task, accreditation organisations consider the aspect of LO in their external quality assurance procedures and aim at contributing to the further development and improvement in the use of LO, thus to the greater effectiveness of LO assessment as an integral part of students’ learning processes.

The practices gathered in this document are the output of the experience of different ECA organisations that have analysed how they apply the principles on learning outcomes in their accreditation procedures.

This document aims at providing a source of assistance and guidance to accreditation organisations undertaking external quality assurance activities.

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