2. Our mission statement and activities

Since 1934, the French law has given CTI the capacity to evaluate and assess engineering curricula.

At the worldwide level, CTI is one of the most experienced bodies in charge of evaluation and accreditation of engineering curricula and institutions.
CTI (Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur) is an independent body established by the French law in 1934. CTI has progressively widened its activities. It has been fully involved in the development of the European Higher Education Area.

Its legal missions are respectively : the evaluation and assessment of higher education institutions in the fields of engineering, computer science, applied mathematics, project management, etc ; the development of quality in engineering education ; the promotion of engineering curricula and careers in France and abroad.

There are about 220 French institutions accredited by CTI, delivering about 30 000 engineering master’s degrees each year.

In addition, the French law has given the CTI the capacity to evaluate and assess engineering curricula provided outside France. CTI has accredited curricula in Germany, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Viet-Nam; others are in process of being accredited in China, India, Belgium, etc. (for more details, please see the section entitled International CTI accreditation).

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